What’s wrong with a BBBJ?

Have you ever asked for a BBBJ? BBFS? GFE? Have you gotten annoyed when someone will only do CBJ? Or CFS?
As much as folks don’t want to confront it, involvement in the illegal sex industry puts you at high risk for a sexually transmitted infection. In fact, much of this risk is attributable to other sex buyers. Even when sex providers have strict rules about using protection, many buyers disregard providers’ rules about condom use as a power play, that ultimately puts themselves and others at risk. As the majority of sex buyers have girlfriends or wives, the illegal sex industry creates a public health issue that extends beyond buyers and providers.
If you are convinced you were “careful” the last time you visited a sex provider because you used a condom, that doesn’t mean you are “safe.” While, yes, condoms significantly lower the risk of STI transmission, they do not prevent them 100%. Sex with condoms is “safer” sex, but there are still risks involved. The more often you buy, or the rougher the sex act you request, the higher your risk! According Georgia law OCGA § 16-6-13.1, upon a guilty plea or conviction, or a plea of no lo contendere to pandering, you will be required to submit to STI testing, and notify your spouse.
If you haven’t been arrested, it’s better safe than sorry. Get tested! We’ve listed some Atlanta area resources where you can obtain fast STI testing services.


  • Community Advanced Practice Nurses

173 Boulevard NE

Atlanta, GA 30312



  • Aldredge Health Center

99 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive SE

Atlanta, GA 30303



  • Center for Health & Rehabilitation

265 Boulevard NE

Atlanta, GA 30312



  • College Park Health Center

1920 John Wesley Ave

College Park, GA 30337



  • Neighborhood Union Health Center

186 Sunset Ave NW

Atlanta, GA 30314



  • North Fulton Regional Health Center

3155 Royal Dr.

Alpharetta, GA 30022



  • North Fulton Government Service Center

7741 Roswell Rd.

Sandy Springs, GA 30350



  • Planned Parenthood

75 Piedmont Ave. NW

Suite 800

Atlanta, GA 30303