Learn About the Risks of Sex Buying

Georgia prostitution laws strictly prohibit pay-for-sex acts including pimping, pandering, masturbation for hire, idle and loiter for illicit sex, solicitation for sexual acts, keeping a place of prostitution (such as renting a hotel room), and using an escort service.[1] These codes allow for the immediate arrest and booking of sex buyers across […]

Arrested just once, lose everything

Sexual activity is normal, but sometimes it can be difficult to grasp what is abnormal or problematic about your own sexual behavior. Do you feel out of control? Do you wish you could stop buying sex? If you have any concerns or curiosities, go to RecoveryZone to take their online assessments. The […]

Learn how to get help

Have you ever asked for a BBBJ? BBFS? GFE? Have you gotten annoyed when someone will only do CBJ? Or CFS? As much as folks don’t want to confront it, involvement in the illegal sex industry puts you at high risk for a sexually transmitted infection. In fact, much of this risk […]

What’s unsafe about a BBBJ?

Most sex providers enter the life when they are young (before the age of 25), some studies show the median age of entry for minors is 15-years-of-age.[1] Many are runaways, escaping abusive homes. In fact, the reality is many providers enter ‘the life’ under duress, and are engaging in survival sex. […]

Who am i buying?

Demand Tracker™ allows anyone to search for phone numbers that have been used to contact ads for prostituted youth on “escort” websites. This online search tool is intended to empower businesses and everyday citizens to educate men on the risks of sex buying, and to improve accountability. The illegal sex trade harms people…even if […]

What is this website?

Ever wonder what your last sex provider really thought about what she did with you? Dear sex customer, If you think that I ever felt attracted to you, you are terribly mistaken. I have never had any desire to go to work, not once. The only thing on my mind was […]

A letter from your prostitute