The spotlighted data below are part of a large national study of U.S. men’s attitudes and behaviors about sex buying, including prostitution and trafficking.*


Sex Buying is Not a Common Male Behavior


  • Most Atlanta Men Do Not Buy Sex



  • Most Atlanta Men Will Never Put Themselves In a Sex Buying Situation



  • Most Buyers Want to Stop Their Buying Behavior



Did you know?


  • Although sex tourism exists, most exploitation occurs at home

21.8% of sex buyers often or always purchase sex while traveling out-of-town for business or work-related events.

36.9% of sex buyers never purchase sex while traveling out-of-town for business or work related events.


*A total of 8,201 men ages 18 and over completed the survey in December 2016 and January 2017. A total of 581 Atlanta-area men responded to the survey. The study was designed and authored by Martin Monto, Ph.D. (University of Portland), Simon Hedlin, M.A. (Harvard University), and Alex Trouteaud, Ph.D. (Demand Abolition). The survey and fielding methodology were approved by the University of Portland Institutional Review Board.