Buying Alternatives

You are not alone. There is help.


I can’t believe I used to do that.

I’m done hurting those women. The harms of prostitution go much deeper than what appears on the surface.

Prostitution hurts everyone that’s involved, but we can do something to stop it.

-Former sex buyers

There are many support group and treatment options if you struggle with sex buying. Here is a non-comprehensive list of resources available in Georgia. Our friends at OPS in Seattle also offer a non-judgmental program for men to help those struggling with sex buying.


Sex Addiction Therapists




Support Groups for Sex Addiction






Support Groups for Partners of Sexual Addicts and Other Sexual Betrayers

Finding out a partner or loved one has engaged in sex buying behavior can be a traumatic experience, leading to feelings of anger, shock, and grief. There are many resources available to partners of sex buyers, sex addicts, and other sexual betrayers.