A Letter From Your Prostitute

Ever wonder what your last sex provider really thought?

Dear sex customer,

Woman behind fenceIf you think that I ever felt attracted to you, you are terribly mistaken. I have never had any desire to go to work, not once. The only thing on my mind was to make money, and fast. Do not confuse that with easy money; it was never easy. Fast, yes. Because I quickly learned the many tricks to get you to come as quickly as possible, so I could get you off of me, or from under me, or from behind me. And no, you never turned me on during the act. I was a great actress … Did you really think I was able to get turned on mentally or physically by having sex with men I did not choose myself? Not ever.


When you buy sex, it says a lot about you, your humanity, and your sexuality.


When you buy sex, it says a lot about you, your humanity, and your sexuality. To me, it is a sign of your weakness, even though you confuse it with a sick sort of power and status … I feel sorry for you, I really do. That you are so mediocre that you think that sex is all about ejaculating into a stranger’s vagina.


You think you have a right. I mean, the prostitutes are out there anyway, right? But they are only prostitutes because men like you stand in the way of healthy and respectful relationship between men and women. Prostitutes only exist because men like you feel you have the right to satisfy your sexual urges using the orifices of other people’s bodies. Prostitutes exist because you and your peers feel that your sexuality requires access to sex whenever it suits you … You of course, you thought of yourself as one of the nice customers. But there are no nice customers. Just those who confirm the women’s negative view of themselves.


Yours truly,

The last prostitute you bought


The full version of this letter was originally published here, and is one of 18 personal stories published in Prostitution Narratives. Warning, the full, uncensored letter includes explicit language.